Haldi Powder 250 g

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DAMRUDHAR Pure Haldi powder of premium quality is valued for its colour, flavour, cosmetic, medicinal, and natural immunity booster properties.

Haldi Powder โ€“ 250 gram Pouch

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Damrudhar Turmeric Powder is a bright yellow spice powder made from dry turmeric rhizomes. Turmeric contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is the most common colouring and flavouring agent in Indian cuisines and is widely used for curries. We maintain the same standards of purity, freshness, and authenticity in every pack, getting their aroma and flavour consistently right. Damrudhar Turmeric Powder is made using spices of the highest quality, sourced only from the best farms.

Damrudhar has been an established brand in Deoghar since 1953.

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66 Reviews For This Product

  1. 65

    by Manash Pratim Das

    The item was exactly as described. Very good color

  2. 65

    by Preety Roy

    Nice Product

  3. 65

    by Dip Shah

    The e-commerce platform’s website was mobile-friendly, allowing me to browse and shop conveniently from my smartphone or tablet

  4. 65

    by Aryan Gogoi

    Amazing Colors

  5. 65

    by Debojyoti Kalita

    The quality is top-notch, and they always deliver consistent results.

  6. 65

    by Priya Singh

    This haldi powder has become a staple in my kitchen. It adds a subtle warmth and depth to all my Indian dishes.

  7. 65

    by akshitadey0@gmail.com

    pure haldi colour

  8. 65

    by Amit Jaiswal

    Very nice color

  9. 65

    by Mani Shankar


  10. 65

    by Pallabi Narayan

    Love This Powder

  11. 65

    by Pradeep Sharma

    Reliable product

  12. 65

    by yanasangma

    good item im using this brand

  13. 65

    by kabir Chopra

    Nice product

  14. 65

    by Abhishek Mishra

    Color is very pure

  15. 65

    by Anusha Singh

    The rich, earthy notes of turmeric powder elevate my cooking to new heights.

  16. 65

    by Payel Ghosh

    Its versatility makes it a valuable ingredient in the kitchen.

  17. 65

    by karabi Ray


  18. 65

    by Dipak Ahuja

    I highly recommend this product to anyone in need

  19. 65

    by Sarita Shaw


  20. 65

    by Priya Batra

    Great flavor….love it

  21. 65

    by Birendra Singh

    Pure Color

  22. 65

    by Diyag momin

    product was good

  23. 65

    by Bikram Bashpar

    This product has made a noticeable difference in my overall well-being.

  24. 65

    by Bryan Das

    The aroma of haldi powder is simply amazing!

  25. by Chandan Chakravarty

    Great quality at an affordable price

  26. 65

    by khushijaiswal2552

    Turmeric powder has become my secret ingredient for adding depth and complexity to my homemade curries.

  27. 65

    by Samim Akhter


  28. 65

    by Dinesh Kumar

    Good color

  29. 65

    by Laxmipriya Devi

    Beautiful color and flavour

  30. 65

    by Nidhi Rao

    เค‡เคธเค•เคพ เค‰เคชเคฏเฅ‹เค— เค•เคฐเคจเฅ‡ เคธเฅ‡ เคฎเฅ‡เคฐเฅ€ เคคเฅเคตเคšเคพ เคฎเฅ‡เค‚ เคšเคฎเค• เค† เค—เคˆเฅค

  31. 65

    by Vikash Jain


  32. 65

    by nitu roy


  33. 65

    by Gaurav Dubey

    Original color

  34. 65

    by Abhijit Kumar

    Nice colour.

  35. 65

    by Sudhir Biswas


  36. 65

    by Nishitha Yadav


  37. 65

    by Harsh Kumar

    Very Good Color

  38. 65

    by Priyakshi Dsouza

    fabulous haldi powder

  39. 65

    by kriti Sharma


  40. 65

    by Prapti Sinha

    It enhances the taste of curries.

  41. 65

    by mandira roy

    Incredible value for the quality you receive.”

  42. 65

    by Jabir Khan

    liked the brand

  43. 65

    by Sanjiv Nath

    I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase

  44. 65

    by Aman Gupta

    Very fast delivery.

  45. 65

    by Amlan Baruah

    Thoda dalnesehi kam ho jata hai

  46. 65

    by Ujjwal Sarkar

    Awesome Color

  47. 65

    by Divya Choudary

    Premium haldi

  48. 65

    by Karabi Sharma


  49. 65

    by Sayanika Sharma


  50. 65

    by muskan pravin


  51. 65

    by Rahul Tiwari

    Good quality.

  52. 65

    by Pinky Devi

    Wow Great

  53. 65

    by Pinky Devi

    Liked it

  54. 65

    by Rajnandani Bansal


  55. 65

    by Angela Sharma


  56. 65

    by Ankita Bharadwaj


  57. 65

    by Arindam Sinha

    Great colour.

  58. 65

    by Arnab Roy


  59. 65

    by Rubina Sarkar

    Best in the market! Very fast delivery.

  60. 65

    by Kunal Roy

    Vibrant Color.

  61. 65

    by Anuradha Singh

    Very fast delivery.

  62. 65

    by Ayush Varma

    Love it go for money

  63. 65

    by Riya Sangma


  64. 65

    by ishita dutta

    pure haldi colour

  65. 65

    by siddhart sharma


  66. 65

    by jiyadaimary


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