दशानन- Baidyanath Painting (Digital Print Panoramic Wall Painting)

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Hailing from Nagari of Lord Shiva (BabaDham) Deoghar, Shri Narendra Panjiyara has created paintings after collecting various images from Baba Dham and the portion of Human life. He has had no formal education in art, and his subject learning has been self-taught. He has been awarded a Senior Fellowship for 2018–19 in folk, traditional, and Indigenous arts from CCRT India. Panjiyara Ji started his journey at the Patna Arts College and chose Deoghar as the place for his practice. He always kept the form of his paintings Indian. The use of circles, ovals, and lines depicts the indulgence of an Indian kind of aura to enhance the emotions and feelings in the illustrations. He started the series of Baba Dham paintings in 2018. The series contains 108 pictures depicting the activity related to the temple and the human lives associated with it. The images revolve around the religious, social, economic, and cultural activities happening in and around the temple. The painting derives its name from the famous temple of Babadham, i.e., “Baidyanath Paintings”. The picture is a series of events that Deoghar witnesses daily. They make an excellent souvenir for the devotees to keep as a memory of the Baidyanath Dham. One of the 12 jyotirlingas in the country. The paintings are made of acrylic colors using the best-quality materials.

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65 Reviews For This Product

  1. 63

    by rohinisharmaa9999@gmail.com


  2. by Manash Pratim Das

    The delivery was quick, even for international orders.

  3. 63

    by Dip Shah

    It exceeded my expectations

  4. 63

    by Aryan Gogoi

    Love This Artwork

  5. 63

    by Preety Roy

    Loved it

  6. 63

    by kabir Chopra

    Loved it

  7. 63

    by Debojyoti Kalita

    The artwork’s vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes created a sense of energy and movement that was truly mesmerizing.

  8. 63

    by Priya Singh


  9. 63

    by Priya Singh


  10. 63

    by Mani Shankar


  11. 63

    by Payel Ghosh

    The artist’s ability to capture the essence of a moment is truly remarkable.

  12. 63

    by Amit Jaiswal

    The item was exactly as described.

  13. 63

    by akshitadey0@gmail.com


  14. 63

    by Pradeep Sharma

    Helpful assistance

  15. 63

    by Pallabi Narayan

    Lovely artwork

  16. 63

    by yanasangma

    good work.

  17. 63

    by Abhishek Mishra

    The product is exactly what I needed. I’m extremely satisfied.

  18. 63

    by Anusha Singh

    Great value for the price.

  19. 63

    by Dipak Ahuja

    Great value

  20. 63

    by Birendra Singh

    This is my go-to store from now on.

  21. 63

    by Bryan Das

    The artist’s ability to capture the likeness and personality of the subject is truly remarkable.

  22. 63

    by Samim Akhter

    It is a work of art that demands to be appreciated and admired.

  23. 63

    by Priya Batra

    love this colors

  24. 63

    by Chandan Chakravarty


  25. 63

    by khushijaiswal2552

    This painting evokes a sense of nostalgia and warmth; it’s like a nostalgic journey through time.

  26. 63

    by Sarita Shaw

    Exceptional quality

  27. 63

    by Bikram Bashpar


  28. 63

    by Sangeeta Mishra


  29. 63

    by Dinesh Kumar

    Trendy Design

  30. 63

    by Nidhi Rao

    Beautifully crafted, adds a touch of elegance to any space.

  31. 63

    by Vikash Jain


  32. 63

    by Laxmipriya Devi

    Beautiful painting…love it

  33. 63

    by Abhijit Kumar

    I highly recommend this painting to anyone who appreciates fine art and wants to enhance their home with a truly remarkable piece.

  34. 63

    by Gaurav Dubey

    This is my new favorite item. I can’t get enough of it!

  35. 63

    by nitu roy

    It exceeded my expectations. Very satisfied

  36. 63

    by Prapti Sinha

    This painting has become the centerpiece of my home.

  37. 63

    by Sudhir Biswas

    Good resale value

  38. 63

    by Nishitha Yadav

    I am in awe of the artist’s talent and ability to translate their vision onto canvas with such precision and creativity.

  39. 63

    by Harsh Kumar

    It’s even better than the pictures.

  40. 63

    by Jabir Khan

    The attention to detail is impressive.

  41. 63

    by Priyakshi Dsouza

    fabulous art piece..

  42. 63

    by Sanjiv Nath

    I can’t believe how fast it arrived.

  43. by kriti Sharma


  44. 63

    by Aman Gupta

    Very fast delivery.

  45. 63

    by mandira roy

    Excellent product! Highly recommended.

  46. 63

    by Deepanjali Kalita

    swept away by its sheer beauty and artistic brilliance.

  47. 63

    by Amlan Baruah


  48. 63

    by Ujjwal Sarkar

    Superb packaging. No damage at all.

  49. 63

    by Sayanika Sharma

    The product is exactly what I needed. I’m extremely satisfied.

  50. 63

    by Karabi Sharma


  51. 63

    by Rajnandani Bansal


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    by Angela Sharma


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    by Ankita Bharadwaj


  54. 63

    by Rahul Tiwari

    Nice product 👍

  55. 63

    by Nandani Patel


  56. 63

    by Nandani Patel


  57. 63

    by Pinky Devi


  58. 63

    by Divya Choudary

    really Premium art

  59. 63

    by Hirak Roy


  60. 63

    by Kunal Roy

    I was blown away by the artist’s talent.

  61. 63

    by Anuradha Singh


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    by Ayush Varma


  63. 63

    by muskan pravin

    Durable and long-lasting

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    by Riya Sangma


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    by jiyadaimary

    The bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors in this expressionist painting evoke emotion and energy.

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