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Dona, also known as Leaf Bowl, is a brand that specialises in eco-friendly and sustainable disposable dinnerware. Their products are made from natural materials such as fallen palm leaves and are designed to be a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposable tableware.

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Dona offers a wide range of leaf bowls in various sizes and shapes. These bowls are crafted from biodegradable palm leaves, which are sustainably sourced and processed without the use of any chemicals or additives. Leaf bowls are sturdy and versatile, making them suitable for serving salads, soups, desserts, and other dishes. They are microwave-safe and can withstand moderate heat, ensuring convenience and practicality.

Dona (Leaf Bowl) products are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. By choosing their disposable dinnerware, you can enjoy the convenience of single-use products while minimizing your impact on the planet.

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69 Reviews For This Product

  1. 67

    by Preety Roy


  2. 67

    by Manash Pratim Das

    The customer support was exceptional.

  3. 67

    by Dip Shah

    The seller provided accurate and honest product descriptions. There were no surprises when I received the item.

  4. 67

    by Aryan Gogoi

    Amazing product

  5. 67



  6. 67

    by Amit Jaiswal

    The website offers comprehensive product descriptions, helping me make informed decisions.

  7. 67

    by Mani Shankar


  8. 67


    very good

  9. 67

    by Debojyoti Kalita

    Glad to find this here.

  10. 67

    by Pallabi Narayan

    Just love it

  11. 67

    by Priya Singh

    Nice quality

  12. 67

    by Pradeep Sharma

    Helpful assistance

  13. 67

    by kabir Chopra


  14. by Abhishek Mishra

    The product arrived earlier than expected.

  15. 67

    by Payel Ghosh


  16. 67

    by yanasangma

    good product i have used many times

  17. 67

    by Dipak Ahuja

    Great value

  18. 67

    by Anusha Singh

    Top-notch quality, definitely worth the investment.

  19. 67

    by Anusha Singh

    Excellent product, exceeded my expectations!

  20. 67

    by Priya Batra

    Great plate

  21. 67

    by Birendra Singh

    The price is unbeatable for the quality I received.

  22. 67

    by Sarita Shaw


  23. 67

    by Bikram Bashpar

    This product has added convenience and efficiency to my daily routine.

  24. 67

    by karabi Ray


  25. 67

    by Chandan Chakravarty

    I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase. No regrets

  26. 67

    by Bryan Das

    Ecofriendly product.

  27. 67

    by Samim Akhter

    i liked it.

  28. 67

    by khushijaiswal2552

    I love using leaf plates! They’re eco-friendly and add a beautiful natural touch to any meal.

  29. 67

    by Dinesh Kumar


  30. 67

    by Laxmipriya Devi

    Beautiful leaf plate..

  31. 67

    by Vikash Jain

    Incredible durability

  32. 67

    by Gaurav Dubey


  33. 67

    by Nidhi Rao

    Leaf plates are a win-win! They are a guilt-free way to enjoy meals while helping the environment. Highly recommend!

  34. 67

    by Abhijit Kumar

    Amazing product.

  35. 67

    by Prapti Sinha

    Ecofriendly product.

  36. 67

    by Sudhir Biswas

    Excellent after-sales support

  37. 67

    by Harsh Kumar

    The customer service for this product was top-notch.

  38. 67

    by Priyakshi Dsouza

    fabulous leaf bowl

  39. 67

    by Priyakshi Dsouza

    Really fabulous leaf bowl

  40. 67

    by kriti Sharma


  41. by Nishitha Yadav

    I love using leaf plates! They are biodegradable, lightweight, and perfect for outdoor gatherings.

  42. 67

    by Nishitha Yadav

    I adore leaf plates! They’re not only visually appealing but also remind me to make conscious choices for a greener planet.

  43. 67

    by mandira roy


  44. 67

    by Jabir Khan

    This has exceeded my expectations.

  45. 67

    by Sanjiv Nath

    Marvelous Design

  46. 67

    by Amlan Baruah

    Excellent purchase, superb quality.

  47. 67

    by Ujjwal Sarkar

    The ordering process was smooth and hassle-free.

  48. 67

    by Aman Gupta

    Say goodbye to single-use plastics and hello to leaf plates.

  49. 67

    by Deepanjali Kalita

    I am extremely pleased with the product.

  50. 67

    by Arindam Sinha

    Ecofriendly product.

  51. 67

    by Karabi Sharma


  52. 67

    by muskan pravin


  53. 67

    by Rajnandani Bansal


  54. 67

    by Angela Sharma


  55. 67

    by Ankita Bharadwaj


  56. 67

    by Sayanika Sharma

    I was pleasantly surprised by the impressive packaging of the item I ordered from Deogharmart.

  57. 67

    by Nandani Patel


  58. 67

    by Rahul Tiwari

    Quality is good

  59. 67

    by Arnab Roy


  60. 67

    by Rubina Sarkar

    Great variety of options, something for everyone.

  61. 67

    by Anuradha Singh

    I completely love this site

  62. 67

    by Kunal Roy

    They are an excellent alternative to traditional disposable food containers, such as plastic.

  63. 67

    by Anuradha Singh

    Using leaf plates is a small step towards a greener planet, and I’m all for it!

  64. 67

    by Ayush Varma


  65. 67

    by muskan pravin


  66. 67

    by Diyag momin

    useful product.

  67. 67

    by Arnab Roy

    Nice product love it.

  68. 67

    by Riya Sangma


  69. 67

    by Rumi Daring

    nice! useful product..

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